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A Little Midriff Bling-Bling – Welcome to the World of Navel Jewelry!

image In ancient Greece, Egypt and India, piercings were a sign of royalty and beauty. The popularity of body piercing and jewelry continues into the post-modern era and is becoming more of a rage with each passing day. People are experimenting with different forms of body piercings which has increased their domain from ears and nostrils (most common) to navel, nipples, eyebrow, labret and tongue, to name a few.

Navel piercing – the latest fad

What do Beyoncé Knowles, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears have in common (apart from being rich and famous)? A Navel piercing! All these beauties proudly sport navel jewelry which has helped them grab the limelight much more than before. The popularization of the piercing is accredited to Aerosmith's music video - 'Cryin', where Alicia Silverstone has her navel pierced.

A belly button piercing is placed through the rim of the navel. It can be done anywhere there is a defined fold or 'lip', though some placements tend to be easier to heal than others. The most common placement is on the top ridge of the navel, followed by the inverse navel piercing, which is placed on the bottom ridge of the navel.

Navel jewelry or belly piercing jewelry

If you are apprehensive about getting a belly button piercing, look around at the different navel piercing jewelry designs available and you will immediately change your mind. Manufacturers have developed belly button jewelry in every imaginable shape and size, from cutesy little daisies and dainty pixies to over-sized skull and cross-bones barbell navel jewelry. You can shop around for simple navel barbells, navel barbells with dangling pendants and navel barbells with attached belly chains.

Belly piercing jewelry pieces accentuate the waistline and belly, one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s body. They have crossed over to the mainstream because almost everyone understands their appeal. Navel jewelry is definitely the new beauty mark! Ask any man if he thinks navel jewelry is attractive and feminine, and you’ll hear a resounding 'Yes!'.

Navel piercing jewelry is available in all possible shapes, styles, colors and material. Pamper yourself with Gold and Diamond belly piercing jewelry or bring out your feminine side with delicate flower or star shaped curved barbells and barbells with gems and pearls. Like to live life on the wild side? Show the world your daring attitude with large gauge rings or barbells.

High school girls to office executive show off navel jewelry when they’re out on weekends and cover them up when they want to. That is the best part about belly piercing jewelry - you decide who sees it and when. Use a navel piercing retainer when you want to take your navel jewelry out and you can stop your navel piercing from migrating during pregnancy thanks to bendable pregnancy barbells.

Hit the beach this summer with pretty navel rings that look great or go to a disco party with flashy belly chains to grab some real attention and watch head turn and people swoon!